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We often look so tired and exhausted. This is the perfect time to give your skin new radiance with a caring facial treatment. Facial masssages, valuable extracts and nourishing masks of high-quality care series will increase the vitality and elasticity of the skin and make us look fresher straight away.

Our experts will analyze the complexion of your skin in order to determine the appropriate care series. Lean back and enjoy!

On request, we can supplement your facial treatment with additional individual services such as eyebrow correction, eyebrow and eyelash tinting or depilation (extra charge).

"Individuelle Schönheit"

from 111 EUR | approx. 80 min.

After determining your aspired treatment goal, we will select the ideal care series for you. The treatment will then start with gentle cleansing, eyebrow correction, a clarifying peeling and deep cleansing. Afterwards, a relaxing, intensive facial massage follows. A revitalizing mask and a final day care will finally effectively round off the program.

"Entspannte Pause"

from 83 EUR | approx. 50 min.

Face, neck and décolleté are gently cleansed and peeled with high-quality products. An extended massage and the following final care will let you forget the daily routine. Your skin will look refreshed.

"Reine Hautfreiheit"

from 83 EUR | approx. 50 min.

A cleansing treatment for face and décolleté. The focus will be on intensive and deep cleansing for your skin that has been burdened by the environment and stress. Cleansing products, peeling, mask and manual techniques ensure deep-pore clarity.

"Überzeugende Wirkung" - Anti-Aging

from 139 EUR | approx. 110 min.

The treatment is going to start with a gentle neck massage. Valuable extracts of brown algae as well as hyaluronic acid and macadamia nut oil increase the elasticity and resilience of the skin and activate cell division. A special stimulation of the lymph and a firming bio-lifting mask are the crowning glory of this special treatment. Including eyebrow correction.

"Frischer Durstlöscher" - Feuchtigkeitspflege

from 114 EUR | approx. 80 min.

The most appropriate care products will increase the moisture of your skin. After cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction and a moisturizing ampoule, wrinkles caused by dryness are reduced during the subsequent massage with a nourishing cream and balancing oil. A special mask and the following final care will let your skin shine.

"Gepflegter Blickfang"

from 79 EUR | approx. 50 min.

Eye treatment with eyebrow correction and tinting of eyebrows and eyelashes. The regenerating and smoothing eye modellage let your eye area shine again.


from 92 EUR | approx. 65 min.

Exceptional facial treatment with products from "DADO SENS" series for very dry, sensitive skin. A regenerating algae mask, special vegetable oils and valuable moisture strengthen the skin barrier and help the skin to better store moisture. The facial skin shines perfectly nourished.

"Regeneration E"-Behandlung

from 92 EUR | approx. 65 min.

Cell-activating care treatment with products from "DADO SENS" series for sensitive, dry and mature skin. Soothing thermal water from the Black Forest, an algae mask and active natural ingredients strengthen the immune system, promote regeneration and soothe irritated skin. The facial contours are visibly modeled and refined. The skin appears more youthful, firmer and more vital.

"Glatter Durchblick"

from 59 EUR | approx. 25 min.

After cleaning, a mask with special ingredients for the eye area is applied to the skin. Swelling is reduced, the skin is smoothed and tiredness disappears.

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