Manicure & PedicurePerfect manicured nails.

Give your hands and feet the attention they deserve. They carry us around the world and do not only have to be practical, but can also pretty and groomed. Some people even say that the first thing they pay attention to are the nails of their counterpart. Who wants to risk a bad first impression?

If you wish, we will take care about your finger or toenails with cosmetic care, followed by a soothing massage.

"Gepflegte Hände" - cosmetic manicure without nail varnish

from 68 EUR | approx. 50 min.

A cleansing hand peeling, a caring hand mask, shortening and filing the nails as well as a pampering massage make your hands look well-groomed.

"Gepflegte Füße" - cosmetic pedicure without nail varnish

from 68 EUR | approx. 50 min.

After a foot bath, peeling, removal of skin hardenings, shortening and filing the nails, your feet will carry you through life easily again. We will further massage in a caring cream that causes exceptional softness of your feet. Not suitable for diabetics. 

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