Deep and wellness massagesA benefit for the whole body.

Our exclusive massage services invite you to leave the stress of everyday life behind and pamper your body as well as your soul. Immerse yourself into a world of relaxation and enjoy our diverse massage options, which are specially designed to revitalize your senses and rekindle your inner energies.

In addition to classic massages such as partial and full body massages with fragrant massage oil, exclusive wellness massages with special moments of pampering await you. Our experienced Ayurveda therapists will also take you on a journey into the world of the Indian art of healing, which goes far beyond pure physical relaxation, to restore your inner balance. For a stronger focus on promoting your health, e.g. improving mobility or relieving pain, we have special Medical Wellness massages to choose from.

Dive into our world of relaxation!

Classic MassagesReleasing tensions.

"Classic aroma partial body massage"
from 65 EUR | approx. 25 min.

The classic aromatic neck/back massage that only stops at the tips of the hair. Accompanied by a fine aromatic oil, the massage relieves tension and revitalizes pleasantly.

"Classic foot reflexology massage"
from 65 EUR | approx. 25 min.

The foot mirrors the entire body and shows in the reflex zones the condition of the respective body parts. With a special pressure point massage technique, the body is brought back into harmony and the body's own defenses are activated. A fabulously successful foot and body treatment.

"Classic aroma full body massage"
from 89 EUR | approx. 50 min.

A classic full-body massage with an individually selected aromatic oil pampers the body and mind. Arms, legs, back, neck, as well as head, décolleté, and face experience the soothing, balancing effect of this aroma experience.

Wellness MassagesRelaxation for body and mind.

"Golden Honey" - PINO honey massage
from 95 EUR | approx. 50 min.

The stimulating, effective yet gentle grips during the unique PINO honey massage revitalize the entire organism. With the PINO beeswax pack you will experience a special pleasant feeling of relaxation due to the gentle warmth.

"Tannenhäuschen Special" - Mood massage
from 99 EUR | approx. 50 min.

This massage is something very unique and a specialty of our Tannenhäuschen. With your own intuitive selection of colored light, this treatment is put together to suit your individual needs. Elements of classical body massage, foot reflexology, and aroma massage are combined. A matching scent and musical sounds round off this unique massage.

AyurvedaThe Indian art of relaxation.

Ayurveda - "the doctrine of healthy living" refers to a millennium-old medicine from the Indian culture. The aspiration of Ayurvedic treatments is to activate the self-healing powers of the body and thus strengthen the harmony between body, mind, and soul. A rich oil often plays a central role in the treatments.

For full Ayurvedic pleasure, our Ayurveda treatments take place close to nature in our very special Ayurveda log cabins. Take a deep breath of fresh forest air and listen to the silence of nature.

"Mukabhyanga - Peaceful mind"

from 69 EUR | approx. 30 min.

This head, face & décolleté massage is performed according to Ayurvedic tradition with warm plant oil and gentle technique. It helps to cleanse the skin and soul and is especially suitable for people who long for mental balance.

"Padabhyanga - Floating feet"

from 69 EUR | approx. 30 min.

After a relaxing foot bath, the feet are massaged and smoothed out with warm oil and delicate movements. The effects of this foot massage are felt soothingly throughout the body (especially recommended for insomnia or nervousness).

"Garshan - Silky skin feeling"

from 75 EUR | approx. 30 min.

The entire body is massaged with a raw silk glove in slow, powerful stroking movements. Metabolism as well as lymph flow are stimulated, detoxification processes are initiated and the skin is smoothed.

"Thalodal - Relaxed back"

from 79 EUR | approx. 30 min.

A gentle massage of the back and arms with flowing grips and warm herbal oil. The back becomes more flexible and new, soothing energy flows through the body.

"Abhyanga - The queen of oil massages"

from 125 EUR | approx. 60 min.

During this traditional massage from Ayurveda, the entire body is completely pampered. The combination of heated vegetable oil and intensively flowing massage grips on the front and back of the body not only brings relaxation and loosening of the tissues down to deep layers but can also convey a pleasant feeling of security.

Medical Wellness MassagesHealth-oriented full-body massages.

The treatment methods of our Medical Wellness massages are holistically composed as a therapeutic-based experience. Treatment techniques, specific treatment music, massage media, and proven tools from physiotherapy lead to maximum results that benefit health promotion.

"Mobility - Agility"

from 95 EUR | approx. 50 min.

A full body treatment with combinations of classical, activating massage, stretching, and supporting kinesiotape techniques. Special grips are used to release tension and mobilize the body. The stretches expand the range of motion and action, and kinesiotapes provide a lasting effect beyond the treatment.

"Detox - Detoxification"

from 95 EUR | approx. 50 min.

This medical massage is a holistic and profound detoxification method. The connective tissue is freed from ballast using special techniques. Through a subsequent gentle cupping treatment, we achieve a deep loosening and circulation of the tissue.

Wellness VouchersRelaxation as a gift.

Treat your loved ones with a voucher for one of our wellness treatments. Unbound to a specific day, the recipient can redeem the voucher after making an appointment exactly when a relaxing time-out is just the right thing.