AyurvedaThe Indian art of relaxation.

Ayurveda - "the doctrine of healthy living" refers to a millennium old medicine from the Indian culture. The aspiration of Ayurvedic treatments is to activate the self-healing powers of the body and thus strengthen the harmony between body, mind and soul. A rich oil often plays a central role in the treatments.

For full Ayurvedic pleasure, our Ayurveda treatments take place close to nature in our very special Ayurveda log cabins. Take a deep breath of fresh forest air and listen to the silence of nature.

"Klare Gedankenwelt" - Mukabhyanga

from 63 EUR | approx. 25 min.

This head, face & décolleté massage is performed according to Ayurvedic tradition with warm vegetable oil and gentle technique. It serves to cleanse the skin and soul and is especially suitable for people who work a lot with their head.

"Vollkommene Waldharmonie" - Abhyanga

from 116 EUR | approx. 60 min.

The "queen of oil massages" is a full body massage with individually adjusted warm oil. Enjoy flowing massage grips on the back and front of your body according to traditional knowledge. 

"Natürliche Leichtfüßigkeit" - Padabhyanga

from 63 EUR | approx. 25 min.

With pleasantly warmed oil. After a relaxing footbath, the feet are massaged, stretched and stroked in fine movements. You will feel the positive effects of this foot massage all over the body. Especially suitable for insomnia, nervousness and circulatory problems. 

"Behagliche Einheit" - Thalodal

from 77 EUR | approx. 30 min.

An intensive massage of the back and arms with flowing grips and warm, type-specific herbal oil. The back becomes mobile, flexible and new energy can flow through the body.

"Seidiges Hautgefühl" - Garshan

from 69 EUR | approx. 30 min.

The entire body is massaged with a raw silk glove in slow, powerful stroking movements. Metabolism and lymph flow are stimulated, detoxification processes are initiated and the skin is smoothed. Ideal for supporting cellulite treatments.