BodyDo something good for your skin.

The inspiration of these treatments is to give our skin the attention it deserves. Daily environmental influences put a lot of strain on our skin. For this, we have created a selection of special body treatments, combining peelings, nourishing packs and warm baths. Feel the blessing on your skin!

Body TreatmentsCare for your skin.

"Erfrischende oder aromatische Reinheit" - peeling

from 54 EUR | approx. 25 min. (thalasso peeling)
from 62 EUR | approx. 20 min. (coffee peeling)

The peeling of your choice is gently applied and massaged in. An invigorating and pure skin feeling is clearly noticeable and is your ideal preparation for nourishing body treatments.

"Kräuter Schaumwelt" - lathering brush massage

from 64 EUR | approx. 30 min.

Wrapped in the fragrant, natural herbal foam, your skin is cleaned with special brushes and well supplied with blood. Circulation and metabolism are stimulated and the skin is left silky smooth.. 

"Pflegender Feuchtigkeitsquell" - peeling & body mask

from 89 EUR | approx. 50 min.

A cleansing full-body peeling is followed by a nourishing moisture. Enjoy a caring aloe vera cream pack.

"Geformte Körpersilhouette" - peeling & body mask

from 112 EUR | approx. 80 min.

A cleansing body peeling and the incorporation of highly effective products purify and tighten the skin. The pack with seaweed reinforces this effect and ensures an immediately noticeable smoother and firmer body silhouette. Ideal for supporting slimming cures.

BathsBathing pleasure for soft skin.

"Sprudelnde Wasserwelten" - aromatic massage bath

43 EUR | approx. 20 min.

Over 180 massage jets have a precisely targeted, relaxing effect on your body and muscles. Different color compositions calm the mind and have a harmonizing effect. Soothing and fragrant bath additives pamper the sense of smell and care for the skin.

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