MassagesWith different focuses.

There are hundreds of different massage techniques that are not automatically suitable for everyone. Our approach is to generally distinguish between feel-good massages and deep massages. As it might aleady indicate, feel-food massages are mainly used for relaxation purposes and physical well-being. In comparison to this, deep massagesare mainly executed by medical masseurs, physiotherapists or alternative practitioners and focus on releasing muscular tensions and blockages.

Have look on our wide range or massages below.

Relaxation and wellness massagesMassaged in a gentle way.

"Süßer Hautgenuss" - hot chocolate massage

from 101 EUR | approx. 50 min.

A full-body wellness massage with a mixture of chocolate, almond oil and cold-pressed shea butter takes the body and senses into a world of relaxation. 

"Schwerelos" - overwater massage in therapeutic waterbed 

25 EUR | approx. 20 min.

Together we will determine your body's regions that should be massaged preferably. The pressure of the massage will be specially adjusted to your preference.

"Goldene Versuchung" - PINO honey massage
from 92 EUR | approx. 50 min.

The stimulating gentle grips of the unique PINO honey massage revitalize the entire organism. The warmth of the PINO beeswax pack will let you releax during the resting phase.

"Genüssliches Kräutererlebnis" - full-body herbal stamp massage
from 99 EUR | approx. 50 min.

The herbal stamp massage combines relaxing warmth impulses with quick stroking and gentle movements that go deep into the body. The metabolism is stimulated, the immune system strengthened, blood circulation and skin elasticity improved.

"Bezaubernd verwöhnt" - full-body massage
from 89 EUR | approx. 50 min.

Choose between soothing or energizing active ingredient oil and let everyday life go by.  Blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated and the muscles are gently relaxed.

Deep MassagesReleasing tensions.

"Tannenhäuschens Stimmungsmassage" - full-body massage
from 82 EUR | approx. 50 min.

Our "Signature Treatment" - composed for you! We will use single elements from foot reflexology, body and aroma massage that will help to loosen your muscles, recharge your batteries or come to absolute peace. A comfortably warm foot pack is the perfect ending of this unique experience..

"Leichtfüßiger Waldspaziergang" - foot reflexology
from 62 EUR | approx. 25 min.

Your whole body treatment, which is performed over the feet. Using a special pressure point massage technique, the body is brought back into harmony via the corresponding zones and the body's own defenses are activated.

"Duftende Entspannung" - aromatic oil partial body massage
from 62 EUR | approx. 25 min.

A relaxing back, neck and head massage with an aromatic oil of your choice that intensifies the effect of the massage.

"Ausgeglichene Muskelenergie" - full-body massage
from 75 EUR | approx. 40 min. 

Classic massage techniques for arms, legs, back and neck relax your body and revitalize your muscles in a classic way. You will determine the intensity and focus of this massage.

"Aromatische Körperzeit" - full-body aromatic oil massage
from 87 EUR | approx. 50 min.

A full-body massage with the aromatic oil of your choice pampers body and soul. Arms, legs, back, neck as well as head, décolleté and face experience the soothing, balancing effect of this deep massage.

"Individuelle Erholung" - partial body massage
from 57 EUR | approx. 20 min.

The classic partial body massage (shoulder-neck, back or legs) vitalizes the body, makes you fit for the day and releases tension.

AQUA SILVA VitalityHealth-oriented full-body massages.

Our AQUA SILVA Vitality („AQUA SILVA Lebenskraft“) is a medical-therapeutic, holistic treatment method, which is individually adapted to your organism. A sustainable overall concept, which focuses highly on the individuality of each person and their needs.

The focus of this treatment method is defined by a detailed analysis of your current state of health and personal goals. The treatment methods are holistically composed as a therapeutically based experience. Application technology, specific music, massage media and well-known instruments from physiotherapy lead to maximum results.

"Lebenskraft" Mobil - balancing

from 89 EUR | appox. 50 min.

Get moving. A full body treatment with combinations of classical activating massage, stretching and supporting kinesiotape technique.

Special grip and therapy techniques are used to release tension and to mobilize the body. Stretching techniques extend the range of movement and action. Kinesiotapes ensure a lasting effect beyond the treatment.

"Lebenskraft" Mental - calming

from 89 EUR | approx. 50 min.

Find yourself. The gentle, rhythmic massage techniques are a suitable method to address the person holistically.

This is a rhythmic soft „touch“ in combination with medical and caring substances, that strenghtens the vitality of the human organism. You will notice effets just according to your current physical, mental and spiritual sensitiveness.

"Lebenskraft" Entgiftung - detoxifying

from 89 EUR | approx. 50 min.

Remove the ballast. The acidosis massage is a holistic and profound detoxification and purification method.

In this medical massage, the connective tissue is treated with special techniques. Through a subsequent gentle cupping treatment we achieve a deep loosening and blood circulation of the tissue. Tissue ballast can thus be excreted.

Not the right one?Further wellness treatments.