Massage & Cosmetics

Our 22 professionally-equipped treatment cabins for both conventional and all natural facial and body treatments as well as pedicures, massages and Ayurvedic treatments make the Waldhotel Tannenhäuschen one of the largest spas in Germany.

Browsing our offers, you will be able to capture the effects of the particular treatments and products right away with help of our color code.

Aqua-Silva Lebenskraft

The Aqua Silva Lebenskraft is a medical-therapeutic based, holisitic, finding- and requirement-oriented method of treatment which will be individually matched to your organism. It is a sustainable overall concept which – with high awareness – factors in the individuality and perception of personal needs of any human being.

The focus regarding the method of treatment will be defined by analyzing your actual state of health and personal ambitions. These methods of treatment are holistically composed as a therapeutic based experience. The techniques of treatment, supporting tunes, massage media and approved instruments of physiotherapy lead to optimal results.

„I hold on boughs or slender trees
caressingly there in the sun and shade,
wrestle with their innocent stalwartness
and know the virtue thereof passes
from them into me.“

Walt Whitman, American poet

Health caring
full-body massages

leave with frog prince


Topic: locomotor system
Effect: balancing

Let's get moving! A full body massage treatment that includes stretching as well as traditional sports massage and kinesio tape techniques.

Get your body mobilized with special hand movements and techniques to release muscle tension along with stretches to get your body loosened up and improve your range of motion. Kinesio tape guarantees long-lasting results.

Invigorate – strengthen – release – and regain agility!

50 min. of feel-good time  –  € 68.-

leave with frog prince


Topic: mental relaxation
Effect: calming

Time to center yourself. These gentle, rhythmic massage techniques are the perfect way to approach wellbeing in a holistic way.

The rhythm of touch in connection with healing and regenerative active ingredients not only strengthen the body, but strengthen the mind and soul.

Find inner strength through deep relaxation.

50 min. of feel-good time  –  € 68.-

leave with frog prince


Topic: cardiovascular system
Effect: stimulating and strengthening

Take a breather – rediscover your natural rhythm, restoring balance and health to your heart and circulatory system.

Stimulating specific receptors in the body as part of a full-body massage using a variety of techniques helps regulate breathing.

This achieves a sense of relief throughout the body you can feel, airing out the body and soul. A breath of fresh air that will leave you feeling well all over!

50 min. of feel-good time  –  € 68.-

leave with frog prince


Topic: detox
Effect: detoxicating

Let the weight fall from your shoulders. Acidosis massage is a profound holistic drainage and detoxification treatment. The special techniques used in this curative massage target your connective tissues.

The cupping treatment that follows deeply relaxes muscle tissue and stimulates circulation, releasing toxins in the muscle fiber that will leave you feeling energized throughout.

Kraft sch(r)öpfen in angenehmster Form.

50 min. of feel-good time  –  € 68.-

Facial treatments

Beautiful You

Personalized product based on skin analysis

After a consultation to assess your treatment goals, we’ll select the ideal cosmetic line to suit your skin. You’ll then enjoy a gentle cleansing, eyebrow wax, facial peel and deep-pore cleansing followed by a relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage. The revitalizing mask and the aftercare cream round out our personalized beauty offer.

€ 89.-  (ca. 80 min.)

Relaxing Break

Personalized product based on skin analysis

High-quality products gently cleanse and peel your face, neck and décolletage. A generous massage followed by a finishing skin care treatment will leave you and your skin feeling renewed and refreshed. A relaxing break that is good in every way!

€ 59.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Pure Freedom for your Skin

Personalized product based on skin analysis

This deep cleansing treatment for the face and décolletage focuses on rejuvenating distressed skin. Special cleansing products with an exfoliating treatment, mask and massage guarantee you’ll leave with clean and clear pores. It is pure freedom for your skin!

€ 59.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Fresh Thirst Cleanser

Annemarie Börlind – Moisturizing Care

A blend of hollyhock, cucumber, green tea and algae moisturizes your skin leaving it feeling better than ever. A cleanse, peel and eyebrow wax with moisturizing skin treatment will reduce lines and wrinkles in combination with a relaxing massage, light skin cream and revitalizing oils. A special mask and finishing treatment will breathe new life into your skin, guaranteed!

€ 89.-  (ca. 80 min.)

Radiant Beauty

Eye treatment

An eyebrow correction combined with a coloration of eyebrows and lashes as well as a regenerating and smoothing eye lift modellage emphasize your natural beauty.

€ 56.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Persuasive Effects

Annemarie Börlind – Anti-Aging

Prized sea lettuce and brown algae extracts as well as hyaluronic acid and macadamia nut oil improve the elasticity and resiliency of the skin and activate the division of skin cells. This unusual treatment pampers your skin like none other using a variety of plant-based serums, concentrates and ampullae. This treatment culminates with a special lymph node massage and skin-tightening biolifting mask.

€ 109.-  (ca. 110 min.)

includes brow waxing

Exclusive Care

Clarins - Clarins-Pro, the sophisticated facial cleanse

After a comprehensive skin analysis and thorough consultation to determine your needs, this treatment begins with a ritual to ease you into a relaxing, care-free headspace. A cleansing rinse, exfoliation treatment and the use of a variety of serums prepares your skin for an extended massage with stimulating active ingredients.

A mask with hand-picked ingredients such as water lily, white mulberry or lotus essence leave your skin looking amazingly refreshed. Ultra-concentrated skin care formulas that guarantee an unforgettable sense of well being from head to toe.

€ 125.-  (ca. 110 min.)

Smooth Vistas

Maria Galland – eye lift modellage

A cleansing rinse prepares your skin for a special mask with ingredients designed to treat and infiltrate the skin around the eyes to reduce swelling and puffiness, smoothe the skin and erase signs of tiredness. You’re sure to leave with a fresh and radiant glow.

€ 36.-  (ca. 25 min.)

Accents for your Skin Type

Make up consultation

With the assistance of a trained beautician, find out how to best let your natural beauty shine through while playing up your best features after a few simple steps. Unlock the key to your own natural beauty.

€ 57.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Natural Accents

Make up

Have your make up done just the way you want it for any occasion: look your best for a day at the spa, a romantic evening or any special event.

€ 41.-  (ca. 35 min.)

EXTRODERM - treatment


This extraordinary facial treatment rejuvinates even the driest, most sensitive skin. A regenerating algae mask, special plant-based oils and precious moisture strengthen the skin barrier and help the skin retain its natural moisture. This facial nourishes the skin, leaving it relaxed and silky soft.

€ 69.-  (ca. 60 min.)

REGENERATION E - treatment


Cell-stimulating treatment formulated especially for sensitive, dry, mature skin. Soothing thermal water from the Black Forest, an algae mask and active, natural ingredients strengthen the immune system, promote regeneration and soothe irritated skin. This vitalizing treatment leaves the contours of the face visibly sculpted and refined, for tighter, more youthful looking skin.

€ 69.-  (ca. 60 min.)

Make up to go

Make up

A basic make up after your facial treatment. Available as supplement only, not as single treatment.

€ 15.-  (ca. 15 min.)

Treatments for men

Convincing Strength

Personalized product based on skin analysis

The ideal product line is identified based on your preferences and the condition of your skin. A facial rinse and refreshing exfoliation with a deep cleanse are followed by a relaxing massage to bring your skin back into balance. The active ingredients make this skin care treatment a the end-all be-all for convincing strength.

€ 89.-  (ca. 80 min.)

Refreshing Clarity

Product Clarins

The ultimate cleansing treatment for your face or back. An exfoliating peel, deep-cleansing mask and massage techniques that will cleanse and refresh your skin. Experience a refreshing sense of clarity.

€ 62.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Relaxing Timeout

Product Clarins

Thorough cleanse for your face, neck and décolletage to optimally prepare your skin for a relaxing massage and aftercare skin treatment. An efficient and effective use of your "me-time"!

€ 62.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Treatments for teens

Pure Care for the Skin

Facial cleanse – Product Clarins

A skin analysis leads in to a refreshing facial rinse, exfoliating peel and deep-cleanse treatment for your skin. Our powerful mask will leave your skin looking fresh and clean. These products are specially designed to give youthful skin the care it needs. Stay young and beautiful.

€ 62.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Totally Taken Care of

Skin care for the body and face – Product Clarins

Pamper your skin with a gentle body peel for youthful skin to kick off your "me time", then enjoy a deep cleanse and mask or a relaxing facial (includes facial massage) depending on your skin type and needs. Feel totally taken care of from head to toe.

€ 89.-  (ca. 80 min.)

Product lines

All product lines are available for purchase in our shop.

Clarins Paris

High-quality active ingredients and botanical extracts from around the world are used thoughtfully with gentile methods to give your skin what it needs most. Effective, fragrant and all natural: it is just what your skin is longing for.

Annemarie Börlind

Annemarie Börlind has been developing highly-effective cosmetics, most of which are organic, for over five decades, offering a bouquet of natural ingredients adjusted to every skin type without animal extracts, petroleum byproducts, silicon or parabens. Cutting-edge production methods and research ensure these products are of the highest quality. Dermatologically tested for effectiveness and suitability for sensitive skins.

Dado Sens Dermacosmetics

With DADO SENS we aim to give the skin what it needs – from a medical standpoint using all-natural ingredients. Years of research and close work with dermatologists went into developing these unique, clinically tested skincare products for all types of sensitive skin. After all, beautiful skin is health skin! DADO SENS works effectively with results you can feel and see. Suitable for all ages as well as those with allergies, neurodermatitis, diabetes, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. DADO SENS is a leading expert for dermacosmetics.

Deep massages

The following massage treatments are provided by our professional masseuses, physical therapists and natural health professionals

Tannenhäuschen's Feel-Good Massage

Full body massage

Choose your own intuitive selection of light, fragrance and sound for a completely customized treatment. Choose freely between elements of body, foot reflex and aroma therapy massages to loosen up tense muscles, regain strength and energy or experience a deep sense of relaxation. A pleasantly warm foot massage rounds out your uniquely relaxing experience – our ultimate feel-good treatment custom made just for you!

€ 68.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Fragrant Relaxation

Partial body massage with aromatic oils

Loosen up with a back, neck and head massage that will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed. Select the high-quality aromatic oil of your choice to create an individualized experience and intensify your feeling of relaxation. Fragrantly relaxing just for you!

€ 43.-  (ca. 25 min.)

Fragrant Sensation

Full body aroma therapy massage

A full body aroma therapy massage for your body and soul with the aromatic oil of your choice. Give your arms, legs, back, neck, head, décolletage and face the expertly soothing, perfectly-balanced treatment they’ve been waiting for. A soothing aromatic experience all your own!

€ 66.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Well-Balanced Muscles

Full-body Massage

Traditional massage treatments provide a time-tested means of releasing tension in the arms, legs, back and neck, revitalizing your musculature. The intensity and focus of the massage is completely up to you.

€ 56.-  (ca. 40 min.)

Individual Revival

Partial body massage

A classic partial body massage (shoulder-neck, back or legs) to revitalize your body, get you fit for your daily routine and reduce built up tension. It’s well-being through and through – customized to suit your needs!

€ 38.-  (ca. 20 min.)

Walking on Air

Foot reflexology massage

A full-body treatment administered through the feet. The foot is like a map of the entire body, and the condition of each of the foot’s reflex zones reflects that of its corresponding body part 1 to 1. A special pressure point massage technique is used to bring these body parts back into balance and activate your body’s defenses. An amazing feeling – not just for the feet.

€ 43.-  (ca. 25 min.)

Massages and wellness for relaxation

A Sweet Treat for the Skin

Hot Chocolate - Massage

A special body wellness massage with a mix of chocolate, almond oil and cold-pressed shea butter will leave you feeling relaxed in mind and spirit. Feel the joy of chocolate.

€ 73.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Golden Temptation

Full body massage with honey by Pino

The gentle techniques used in this PINO honey massage are powerful and stimulating: they do the whole body good! The gentle warmth of the relaxation phase of this treatment with a PINO beeswax body wrap will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. An all-natural way to feel reenergized.

€ 69.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Enchanting Treat

Full body massage

Let body and mind take a rest. Choose from soothing or freshening oils and let go your everyday life. Circulation and metabolism are stimulated and muscles will gently relax.

€ 69.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Pinpoint Consonance

Chi Yang – Pressure point massage

This energy pressure point treatment from Asia aids in releasing stress-related blockages in the body and gently brings mental and muscular imbalances back into a state of equilibrium. Precious oils lend the skin a youthful, smooth touch, that will leave you feeling good all over.

€ 99.-  (ca. 80 min.)

Soothing Warmth

Hot Stone - Massage

This unique massage treatment with hot lava stones will leave your body and spirit feeling relaxed and invigorated. Heating up the musculature improves circulation and stimulates the metabolism. A wonderful treatment for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

€ 124.-  (ca. 90 min.)

A Herbal Experience

Herb packet massage

A massage with a packet of warm herbs combines the beneficial effects of stimulating warmth with quick stroking motions and gentle flattening movements to provide deep muscle relaxation. This not only stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system, but improves circulation and skin elasticity as well. These fragrant, carefully-selected herb mixtures will leave your body and spirit feeling renewed.

Facial massage
€ 43.-  (ca. 30 min.)

Full body massage
€ 76.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Full body massage and facial
€ 94.-  (ca. 80 min.)


Hydrojet Massage

€ 15.-  (ca. 20 min.)

Ayurvedic treatments

In our "Ayurveda blockhouses", close to nature, we have created a relaxing space where you can enjoy fresh air of the nearby forest, calmness and the following treatments

A Clear Mind – Mukabhyanga

Massage for head, décolletage and face with warm oil

This traditional Ayurvedic massage for the head, neck and décolletage is done with warm natural oils using gentle techniques to cleanse the skin. Those who have to be highly focused and think critically at work stand to benefit most from this treatment. Free your mind and experience freedom and purity.

€ 43.-  (ca. 25 min.)

Feel Light on your Toes – Padabhyanga

Foot bath and massage with warm oil

This treatment with soothingly warm oils follows a relaxing foot bath and massage with gentle stretching and rubbing. You’ll feel the relaxing effects of this foot massage throughout your entire body. This treatment is especially beneficial for those who have difficulty sleeping, suffer from anxiety or have circulatory problems.

€ 43.-  (ca. 30 min.)

Comforting Oneness – Thalodal

Partial body massage with warm oil

An intense massage for the back and arms with flowing motions and warm oils selected to suit your Ayurvedic type. Loosen up your back, regain flexibility and enjoy the surge of energy and strength as it rushes through your body. This upper body treatment will leave you feeling relaxed all over!

€ 57.-  (ca. 30 min.)

Silky Smooth Skin – Garshan

Full boy massage with raw silk glove

Enjoy this full body massage with a raw silk glove and slow, powerful stroking motions that stimulate the metabolism and lymphatic system, encourage detoxification and smooth the skin all at the same time. This treatment is ideal for those with cellulitis. Experience a sense of youth and vitality you can see and feel!

€ 51.-  (ca. 30 min.)

Total Harmony – Abhyanga

Full body massage with warm oil

This treatment is the ultimate in oil massages, with warm oils carefully selected to suit your Ayurvedic type. The front or back of the body are massaged with intense, flowing gripping motions using traditional, time-honored methods. A deeply cleansing, deeply relaxing treatment that will leave you feeling new from head to toe.

€ 95.-  (ca. 60 min.)

€ 125.-  (ca. 90 min.)

Body care treatments

Refreshing or Aromatic Purity

Thalasso- or Coffee exfoliation

Your choice of fresh or aromatic skin peels is applied to and lightly massaged into the skin. Relax as an invigorating, pure feeling overtakes your skin. This is the perfect lead-in to any of our body treatments. Refreshing or aromatic – whichever you need!

Thalasso exfoliation
€ 35.-  (ca. 20 min.)

Coffee exfoliation
€ 37.-  (ca. 20 min.)

Herbal Foam Escape

Lather brush massage

Wrapped in a fragrant natural herbal lather, relax as your skin is cleaned with special brushes that will leave your skin feeling silky soft while improving your circulation and metabolism. Your cleansing treatment with herbs and lather!

Lather brush massage
€ 44.-  (ca. 30 min.)

Nurturing Moisture

Peeling & Wrap

A cleansing full-body exfoliation treatment followed by a nurturing creme wrap with aloe vera. A deep breath of fresh air for your skin.

€ 68.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Beautiful Silhouette

Peeling & Wrap

A cleansing body peel and the use of targeted and effective skin products purges and tightens your skin. Wrapping the body in algae amplifies this effect and leaves your skin feeling noticeably smoother and tighter, improving the silhouette. The ideal complement to any diet.

€ 89.-  (ca. 80 min.)

Pure Relaxation for your Body

Peeling & Massage

A delicate body peel optimally prepares your skin for a wellness massage with hand-picked ingredients to revitalize your skin. Full-body skin care at its finest.

€ 89.-  (ca. 80 min.)


A World of Bubbles

Fragrant bath with massage

Over 180 massage jets work to relax your body and its musculature. A variety of colors relax your mind and have a pleasantly harmonizing effect. Bath additives sooth the skin and are a fragrant treat for the senses. A world of bubbles all your own.

€ 36.-  (ca. 20 min.)

Romantic Bath

German Kaiserbad

Time to enjoy yourself, alone or as a couple. Enjoy the comforting, romantic atmosphere of this bath paired with a refreshing glass of Champagne and delicate exfoliating cream treatment that will leave your skin feling silky smooth. Bathing like a king!

1 person
€ 51.-  (ca. 30 min.)

2 persons
€ 71.-  (ca. 45 min.)

Hand & feet

Beautiful Hands

Cosmetic manicure

A manicure and relaxing massage that will leave your hands looking years younger.

€ 54.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Beautiful Feet

Cosmetic pedicure

Put a little pep back in your step with this pedicure. Our foot cream and calf massage will leave your skin feeling silky smooth (not suited for diabetics).

€ 54.-  (ca. 50 min.)

Beautiful as you are

Sweet Expectations

3rd to 6th month of pregnancy – Product Clarins

A special, rich, full-body exfoliating peel with silica and high-end skin care products that cleanse and smooth your skin is followed by a full body massage with nurturing oils. Massage techniques specially developed for pregnant women will leave you feeling calm and balanced, bringing the skin back to a state of equilibrium, preventing stretch marks and gently relaxing your whole body all at the same time. The perfect way to treat yourself in the first weeks of pregnancy.

€ 132.-  (ca. 105 min.)

Beautiful all over

6th to 9th month of pregnancy – Product Clarins

This extra-long full body massage is specially designed with the mother-to-be in mind. Lying in a comfortable position, you’ll enjoy a relaxing massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, relaxes the musculature of the back and legs, and provides much-needed relief for the feet. A pampering facial massage crowns the treatment. Pure relaxation during your pregnancy.

€ 132.-  (ca. 105 min.)

Pure Recovery

After childbirth – Product Clarins

A gentle body peel specially made for sensitive skin is our starting point for relaxation as you adjust to your new routine. A relaxing full body massage fine-tuned to suit your individual needs as a young mother tightens and lifts the skin and musculature. Regeneration, detoxification and relaxation are at the heart of this much-needed time out for new moms.

€ 132.-  (ca. 105 min.)

Treatment packages

Do your Muscles Good

An effective combination to revitalize the body after a day of activity. Do your muscles good with this treatment and you will feel the difference immediately!

€ 94.-  (ca. 70 min.)

Restful Support

This restful treatment will not only leave your skin feeling clean and clear, but your mind as well. Feel born again!

€ 137.-  (ca. 105 min.)

Deep Caress

An intense full-body treatment for full skin revitalization – clean, soft and relaxed!

€ 151.-  (ca. 110 min.)

Treatment programs

The following programs include a perfectly matched selection of single treatments and may be additionally booked with stays of at least two nights including half board

Program 1

€ 86.-

Program 2

€ 94.-

Program 6

€ 121.-

Program 7

€ 101.-


  • To optimally fulfill your wish for treatments we kindly ask you for reservation
  • Free access to our Aqua-Silva SPA is granted when treatments exceed € 150.00
  • From Tuesday to Thursday students showing their student identity card benefit from 20% discount on all treatments