Day spa

We welcome daily visitors in our well-spaced spa and wellness area. Learn more about our daily rates and attractive day spa packages for your well being.

Please notice that each of your visits may be supplemented by early booking of additional modules from our considerable catalogue of massages and cosmetic treatments. Our color code will assist you to recognize the effect of the particular treatments at a glance.

Rates for daily visitors

Morning ticket Mon-Fri
9.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m. € 14.-
Evening ticket Mon-Fri
6.00 p.m.-9.30 p.m. € 16.-
Evening ticket Sat-Sun
6.00 p.m.-9.30 p.m. € 18.-
Day ticket Mon-Fri
(free for children up to 6, 50% discount for children from 6 to 12)
9.00 a.m.-9.30 p.m. € 24.-
Day ticket Sat-Sun, feast day
9.00 a.m.-9.30 p.m. € 34.-
Day ticket, valid for 11 visits
9.00 a.m.-9.30 p.m. € 219.-
Evening ticket, valid for 11 visits
6.00 p.m.-9.30 p.m. € 159.-
Swimmer's ticket, valid for 11 visits, max. 90 min. Mon-Fri between
7.00 a.m.-9.30 p.m. € 79.-
Bathing slippers
€ 2.-
Bathrobe lending fee
(declines when arrangement/treatment exceeds € 100.00 p.p.)
€ 6.-
Towel lending fee
(declines when arrangement/treatment exceeds € 100.00 p.p.)
€ 1.50

Morning, Evening and Day Programs

Rise and Shine Wellness

A refreshing break from your daily routine between 8.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.
  • generous breakfast buffet
  • Beauty Break – Cleanse and facial
  • whey drink of your choice

€ 53.- p.p.

Sunset Wellness

A full evening of wellness from 4.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
  • 1 glass of pure vitamins
  • 1 liter mineral water
  • partial body massage, ca. 15 min.
  • 1 wholesome meal of your choice from the Aqua Silva Bistro menu or, depending on the day, our Hetzels Restaurant

€ 56.- p.p.

Mama's SPA Day

A little oasis of calm during times of joyful expectation – DAY SPA PACKAGE
  • Sweet Expectations – Product Clarins
    3rd to 6th month of pregnancy
    A special, rich, full-body exfoliating peel with silica and high-end skin care products that cleanse and smooth your skin is followed by a full body massage with nurturing oils. Massage techniques specially developed for pregnant women will leave you feeling calm and balanced, bringing the skin back to a state of equilibrium, preventing stretch marks and gently relaxing your whole body all at the same time. The perfect way to treat yourself in the first weeks of pregnancy.


    Beautiful all over – Product Clarins
    6th to 9th month of pregnancy
    This extra-long full body massage is specially designed with the mother-to-be in mind. Lying in a comfortable position, you’ll enjoy a relaxing massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, relaxes the musculature of the back and legs, and provides much-needed relief for the feet. A pampering facial massage crowns the treatment. Pure relaxation during your pregnancy.

  • Beautiful Feet – Put a little pep back in your step with this foot bath, exfoliation treatment and full pedicure. Our foot cream and calf massage will leave your skin feeling silky smooth (not suited for diabetics).
  • lunch snack at the Aqua-Silva Bistro

€ 175.- p.p.

More Effective and Powerful

A day of smooth regeneration – DAY SPA PACKAGE
  • A World of Bubbles – aroma therapy bath
  • Well-Balanced Muscles – full body massage
  • Beautiful Feet
  • lunchtime snack at the Aqua Silva Bistro with a refreshing glass of beer or soft drink

€ 135.- p.p.

Source of Energy

Refuel as you leave your cares behind – DAY SPA PACKAGE
  • classic cosmetic treatment for the face, neck and décolletage including skin analysis and consultation with a rinse and exfoliation treatment, eyebrow waxing with lash and brow tinting, facial massage and mask
  • gentle hand exfoliation and hand mask
  • light treatment by Dr. Harald Brost
  • lunchtime snack in the Aqua Silva Bistro

€ 139.- p.p.

A Day of Rest and Relaxation

A day of relaxation and enjoyment – DAY SPA PACKAGE
  • a classic combination of spa treatments for the face, neck and décolletage including a skin analysis and consultation, cleanse, exfoliating peel, brow wax, eyelash and eyebrow tinting and a facial mask and massage
  • hand treatment with exfoliation, mask and manicure
  • A World of Bubbles – candlelit bath
  • Aromatic Relaxation – partial massage with aromatic oils
  • 1 whey drink to stimulate your metabolism
  • lunchtime snack at the Aqua Silva Bistro

€ 189.- p.p.

Pure Relaxation

A day of indulgence for your body - relax, enjoy and do your body good – DAY SPA PACKAGE
  • Refreshing Purity – sea salt peeling
  • A World of Bubbles – aroma therapy oil bath
  • Beautiful feet – you’ll feel like your walking on air after this foot bath, peeling treatment, removal of calluses and rough patches of skin, and pedicure. Our special foot cream and calf massage will leave your silky smooth.
  • Aromatic Time for your Body – full body massage with aromatic oils
  • Blink of an Eye – active substance eye treatment
  • lunchtime snack in the Aqua Silva Bistro

€ 209.- p.p.

Total Care

Treat yourself from head to toe – DAY SPA PACKAGE
  • full breakfast buffet
  • cosmetic facial treatment for the face, neck and décolletage, skin analysis and consultation, cleanse and exfoliating peel, eyebrow wax with brow and lash tinting, facial massage and mask included
  • hand-care treatment with exfoliating peel, mask and nail polish
  • Beautiful Feet – with nail polish
  • A World of Bubbles – a milk bath with a glass of sparkling wine
  • full body exfoliation treatment with milk and honey wrap
  • lunchtime snack from the Aqua Silva Bistro

€ 245.- p.p.

A Time-out from Daily Routine

A little feel good time – DAY SPA PACKAGE
  • Relaxing Break – High-quality products gently cleanse and peel your face, neck and décolletage. A generous massage followed by a finishing skin care treatment will leave you and your skin feeling renewed and refreshed.
    (eyebrow shaping incl.)
  • Jacuzzi Bath with fragrant oils
  • Fragrant Relaxation – Partial body massage with aromatic oils
  • lunchtime snack in the Aqua Silva Bistro

€ 135.- p.p.


  • To optimally fulfill your wish for treatments we kindly ask you for reservation of the day programs and possibly additional treatments
  • The indoor swimming pool may not be used during times of water aerobics / aquafitness
  • Prices of the day programs include access to and use of the entire Aqua-Silva SPA