Wellness Area

Come treat yourself at our Aqua-Silva SPA, with over 5,300 m² of wellness to enjoy, including our large swimming pool, salt whirlpool with liquid sound, numerous saunas in our sauna park and many more amenities.

The professionals at our solarium, as well as at our cardio, gym, meditation and Ayurveda areas are on hand with plenty of tips and advice to maximize your physical and mental well being.

Start times and temperatures of the saunas

Scented steam bath
ca. 45° C 11.00 a.m.-8.00 p.m.
(regeneration room)
ca. 40° C 9.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m.
Infrared sauna
ca. 40-60° C 10.00 a.m.-9.00 p.m.
Light sanarium
ca. 60° C 10.00 a.m.-9.00 p.m.
Maa sauna
(earth sauna)
ca. 110° C 1.00 p.m.-9.00 p.m.
Log cabin sauna Majava
(classical Finnish sauna)
ca. 90° C 9.30 a.m.-9.30 p.m.
(light / warm air bath)
ca. 60° C Mon-Thu 2.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.
Fri-Sun 12.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.
Ruusu sauna
(rose sauna)
ca. 85° C 10.00 a.m.-9.00 p.m.

Outdoor pool


Our 50 m² naked outdoor pool with a depth of 1.35 m is surrounded by a beautiful lounger area and invites to relax under the open sky. A splash shower as well as double jet counterstream tease with pleasing massages at a water temparature that will be adjusted between 24-30° C, depending on the weather.

Salt whirlpool


Our 40 m² salt water whirlpool features a planetarium, colored lights and liquid sound (underwater music). Its whirlpool settings, underwater lounge chairs and 32° C temperature leave nothing to be desired. The salt regulates the mineral content, has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and helps maintain healthy skin and a strong immune system.

Fresh water swimming pool


Our fresh water swimming pool is 66 m² in size and is kept at a constant temperature of 28° C – perfect for doing a few laps or for an invigorating session of water aerobics led by one of the professionals from our wellness team.

The indoor swimming pool may not be used during times of water aerobics / aquafitness.

Fountain with gemstone water


„God placed tremendous powers in gemstones“
Hildegard von Bingen, 12th century

The fountain with gemstone water between the steam sauna and tepidarium is a special highlight of the Aqua-Silva.

Choose between rose quartz (improves intuition), clear quartz (stimulating effects) and amethyst (improves concentration).

The turbulence changes the structure of the water, allowing it to take on the qualities of the gemstones over which it flows.



A regeneration room being easy on the cardiovascular system. Relaxtion at medium humidity and temperature (ca. 40° C). The mild thermal radiation of heated seats, walls and floors have a soothing effect on the body.

Sauna park


The Queen of the Rose is the role model for our Ruusu sauna. The stove in our Valo-Bath with its granite stove exudes water and essential oils.

Be surrounded by warmth and enjoy a sense of pure relaxation in our quiet area on the open balcony.

The ultra-balmy climate in our original pine log Finnish Maa sauna awaits you.


In good time

To ensure a relaxing start to your treatment, we invite you to have a seat in our reception area approximately 5 to 10 minutes before your treatment is scheduled to begin.


Please wear one of our bathrobes for all body and facial treatments. Light clothing is also appropriate for pedicures.

Getting ready

Making time for a short shower will increase the receptiveness of your skin to our exclusive skin care products.

No pressure

To avoid the risk of an upset stomach, we recommend that you refrain from eating approximately one hour prior to a scheduled treatment.


If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, we kindly request that you inform us 24 hours prior to your scheduled treatment time so we can offer your time slot to other interested guests. Please be aware that 50% of the total cost of your selected treatment will be invoiced in the event of any late cancellation.

Moving safely

For your own safety, we request that you wear tennis shoes and sportswear in our gym and fitness areas. Please be mindful to wear slip-resistant shoes in wet areas.

Swimming pool / sauna

Our swimming pools are not clothing optional. The entire sauna area is a no-clothing zone. To ensure our saunas stay safe and clean, please use one of the sauna towels provided for you in our cabins when seated on the benches.

For the environment

As our guest, unlimited sauna towels are available to you. However, we recommend using these sparingly to help protect the environment.

Peace and quiet

So all our guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of our spa area, we ask that you speak quietly when conversing and that you refrain from reserving deckchairs. When leaving the quiet areas, please remember to take all personal items with you, leaving the seat free for other guests to use. Please note that our staff will clear off all unused deckchairs blocked for longer than one hour.

Creature comforts

The swimming pool and sauna area must be kept safe and clean. That’s why we ask you to refrain from taking food and drink into those areas. Creature comforts including food and beverages are available at our Aqua-Silva Bistro.


For reasons of safety, children under 16 years of age may not use the saunas. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Parental authority may not be assumed by anyone other than a parent or legal guardian.


To ensure the privacy and comfort of all our guests, photography is strictly prohibited in the Aqua-Silva SPA.

Nice and tan

In accordance with the law, our tanning beds may not be used by guests under the age of 18.

Personal responsibility

The use of our entire spa area (including saunas, swimming pools, fitness rooms or participation in group activities) is strictly at your own risk.