Job training with quality

As an apprenticing company the Waldhotel Tannenhäuschen fulfills the high standards of the German hotel and restaurant association (DEHOGA).

By participating in the initiative Ausbildung mit Qualität we purposefully control the dialogue with our apprentices in order to constantly ensure their satisfaction in our company.

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  1. Job Training with Quality

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DEHOGA initiative Ausbildung mit Qualität

We feel obliged to our apprentices and as a cetified participator in the initiative we want to express this by ten principles:

  • We enable an optimal start into job training by offering suitable stages of orientation and vocational adjustment.
  • Every apprentice has a person of reference who helps him or her whenever questions or problems occur.
  • The continuous qualifying of our instructors guarantees a professionally and humanly sophisticated job training.
  • Our working climate is characterized by open-mindedness, fairness, tolerance and respect.
  • We regularly have feedback discussions with our apprentices, we acknowledge their achievements and we are open for constructive criticism.
  • We enable the participation in job supporting projects, trainings and competitions.
  • Our apprentices will intensely be prepared for their final exam.
  • We timely support our apprentices in planning their career.
  • We take care of an appropriate balance between work and private life.
  • Compliance with legal requirements is self-evident. Additionally we orient by tariff arrangements regarding working hours and salary.

The website of the initiative Ausbildung mit Qualität offers further information for apprentices as well as for apprenticing companies.