GastronomyDiverse and regional.

The Waldhotel Tannenhäuschen has two highlights: wellness and the food. The park restaurant and the AQUA SILVA bistro belong to the dining area of the house. In all restaurants is a regional bond through the use of fresh, regional products from the Lower Rhine. Our chef is always looking for new creations.

During your wellness day in our AQUA SILVA Spa, our team from the AQUA SILVA Bistro will take care of your physical well-being. Choose between juicy cocktails and light snacks in a casual atmosphere. In the evening, the park restaurant is the center of our house where you can choose from the variety of our extensive dinner buffet. Enjoy a great evening!

On the weekends you can end your day with delicious drinks and music in our Club 19zwo. In the morning you will have an unforgettable breakfast experience.

Let's go on a journey of taste!

Culinary eventsConnoisseur days at Tannenhäuschen.

Sometimes it just has to be something very special! We would therefore like to invite you to our upcoming culinary events at the Waldhotel Tannenhäuschen.

How about a convivial brunch buffet with the whole family, for example? Our adventure brunch is a wonderful opportunity to combine a gourmet morning for the adults with an entertaining program for the little ones.