Wellness & Art Weekend"Bloom of life - the colors of my life".

As a woman in the prime of life, precious time for oneself often comes up short. Yet this is the ideal phase to reflect on one's life path, come into harmony with the self, and tread newly discovered paths. These transformation processes can be released and processed with the help of artistic design and personality experiences in the circle of like-minded people.

This weekend is dedicated to mindfulness, creativity, and reflection. With two overnight stays including breakfast and dinner, you can let yourself be pampered in our AQUA SILVA Spa and escape the stress of everyday life. In addition to relaxation and recreation, your creativity expressed in the workshop "Flower of Life - the Colors of My Life" will contribute to a lasting sense of balance and inner peace. The workshop contents of the four different dates can be found further down on this page. Treat yourself to a well-deserved time-out!

Arrangement services:

  • 2 nights in one of our comfortable rooms
  • 2 x rich vital breakfast in the morning
  • 2 x 3-course menu or buffet according to offer in the evening
  • Use of our 5,300 m² AQUA SILVA Spa with saltwater pool, active pool, outdoor pool, spacious sauna park with 8 saunas, fitness as well as various relaxation areas
  • On the day of arrival, you can use our wellness area from 14:00 hrs.

As well as participation in the workshop "Bloom of life - the colors of my life":

  • Creative workshop with one unit each on Saturday (1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.) as well as on Sunday (10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)
  • One unit takes place in the art studio sevengardens at Hof Emschermündung (transfer included)
  • It is about self-reflection, self-awareness, personality experience, and feeling a connection to nature.
  • Plant dyes will be produced and experimented with.
  • An art object will be made from the self-made plant colors, which can be taken home.

from € 374,50 per person

DatesOur " Bloom of Life" Weekends 2024.

The " Bloom of Life " workshops take place on four selected weekends a year and are designed entirely in harmony with nature: Each date celebrates the respective season. Thus, you have the opportunity to experience all four dates as a continuous journey of experience throughout the year. Of course, you can also book each workshop individually and independently - in this case, simply choose your favorite season.

"Mindfulness, creativity and reflection"
February 20 - 22, 2024 and April 02 - 04, 2024

The beginning of the year includes the months of change, we are slowly leaving winter and nature is awakening. The focus is on inner warmth and trust in yourself. Start the new year courageously and strengthened! Together we recognize our strengths and hidden resources that come to life in the blossoming season of spring.

"Spring Color"
April 26 - 28, 2024

The focus is on recognizing and strengthening hidden resources that come to life in the blossoming springtime. Working with springtime natural elements, your creativity and self-love will be strengthened.

"Summer Scent"
June 28 - 30, 2024

In the midst of summer abundance, all of your senses will be activated to explore new possibilities and pathways. Acceptance and self-expression are encouraged in this workshop.

"Autumn Trails"
October 11 - 13, 2024

Harvest the fruits of inner maturation and continue your own path full of self-confidence! for the final season, everything revolves around gratitude and recognition of personal development.

Sonja and JessicaYour " Bloom of Life " Workshop Coaches.

Sonja Salzsieder and Jessica Färberkind are two women with different paths in life that crossed at some point. They share some similarities but feel especially connected by their common trait of seeing and appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of people in all their facets.

Jessica is a visual artist (MA) and works at sevengardens studio, where she teaches various workshops in addition to her artistic practice. She is also a member of the sevengardens steering group. In her work she puts special focus on self-made plant colors, poetry and digital media.

Sonja started her professional journey as a hotel manageress and later worked in the luxury hotel sector in London. She later studied psychology in Macau and taught hotel management in the Middle East. Thanks to these diverse experiences, she is now a successful team developer, lecturer and coach.

The paths of the two women crossed in an unexpected way when their two sons attended the same Waldorf school. Sonja and Jessica share similar values based on individuality, personal growth, and overcoming apparent "failure." Distinguished by their spontaneity, flexibility and belief in their inner compass, the two are strong, optimistic creators who share their values in the workshops they teach together.