POWER & FLOW furnishing adviceThe Feng Shui workshop for your home

Feng Shui stands for harmony between people and their environment. At our Feng Shui workshop with Manuela Stengl you will learn how to foster the Chi in your home and create harmony through the correct use of colours, shapes, materials and arrangements. 

The workshop takes place with a three-day stay at WaldhotelTannenhäuschen from July 21 to 23, 2023 and from November 17 to 19, 2023. So after the interactive sessions, you can round off your weekend trip in our spa and fitness area.

Look forward to four interactive, inspiring workshop sessions with individual mini-coaching in a small group! POWER & FLOW coach Manuela Stengl gives you valuable tips and concrete design recommendations that you can implement immediately at home.

This offer includes:

  • 2 nights in one of our comfortable rooms
  • 2 x rich vitality breakfasts in the morning
  • 2 x 3-course menu or buffet in the evening according to offer
  • Use of our 5,300 m² AQUA SILVA Spa with saltwater pool, active pool, outdoor pool, spacious sauna park with 8 saunas, fitness and various relaxation areas
  • On the day of arrival, you can use our wellness area from 14:00 pm.

As well as participation in the "POWER & FLOW" interior design workshop for a cosier home with Manuela Stengl:

  • 4 interactive sessions of 60 minutes each
  • Of which 2 sessions on Saturday: Basics of holistic interior design (including Feng Shui).
  • Of which 2 sessions on Sunday: mini-coachings for concrete furnishing and design recommendations for a room of your choice
  • Inspiring workshops with valuable quick tips
  • Please bring floor plans and photos of your apartment/house with you

Travel period: 21 to 23 July 2023 and 17 to 19 November 2023

from € 410,00 per person

POWER & FLOW Coach Manuela Stengl

Manuela has 20 years of experience in the 5* hotel industry and in event management and knows what it takes to create a relaxed feel-good atmosphere - between people and spatially. As a certified Feng Shui consultant, she speaks the language of your rooms and helps you to understand them.

With the POWER & FLOW Coachings, she combines her extensive knowledge and years of experience into a unique concept. In addition to coaching and interior design advice for private clients and companies, she also offers energetic house cleansing.

Turning your own four walls into an oasis of wellness

Whether a flat or a house: a harmonious ambience that radiates cosiness is something everyone wants. A carefully designed interior can promote relaxation, concentration or inspiration. Depending on which room you are in. To achieve such effects, however, detailed planning is required. If one then lacks the corresponding expertise, it can quickly become time-consuming.

By the way: not everyone has a talent for interior design. Or the time to study the different concepts of interior design in detail. If you still want to get the best out of your surroundings, professional interior design advice can help. 

In the workshop you will learn:

  • How and why rooms directly affect your well-being
  • What the 4 levels of holistic room design are all about
  • What Feng Shui Is (And What It Isn't)
  • What is your personal energy status in the 8 most important areas of life (career, knowledge, health, wealth, recognition, relationship(s), creativity, mentors)
  • What you can do to give a selected room in your apartment or house POWER & FLOW in no time at all

Pure harmony with Feng Shui

Feng Shui translates as "wind" and "water". The term refers to the harmonious interplay of the two elements. And that's exactly what it's all about: bringing the individual elements in ones environment into harmony. Because Feng Shui is based on the knowledge that our environment has a direct influence on our well-being and even our health.

In order to optimally design a room according to Feng Shui, the Chi, i.e. the natural energy, must be able to flow freely. The flow of energy must not be blocked by negative influences. Therefore

  • Colours,
  • Materials,
  • shapes
  • and the positioning of the furniture and objects

    must be brought into harmony.

How can one learn Feng Shui?

Honestly, the teachings of Feng Shui are complex. In order to implement it optimally, you not only need to understand the theory, but have a lot of experience too. A Feng Shui consultation can facilitate the introduction to the subject. 

A qualified Feng Shui coach can help you analyse your surroundings and define your own wishes more clearly. They give tips on interior design, helps with the selection of the right materials or special decorative objects. Such a Feng Shui coaching can often even take place online.

With Manuela's Feng Shui workshop, you will learn the basics of this philosophy in interactive sessions. You can also expect mini-coaching with specific furnishing and design recommendations for a selected room in your apartment/house.

Arriving home with professional furnishing advice

The right interior design is the be-all and end-all for a feel-good home. Regardless of whether you want to implement the teachings of Feng Shui or other concepts - professional support is always useful.

Do you want to transform your home into a harmonious oasis of wellness? Then register directly for our Feng Shui workshop!