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Mindfulness, creativity and reflection.Sonja Salzsieder

Sonja's life began quite classically in the hotel industry. She then went via Frankfurt to London, where she met her husband. After further training, Sonja was already a department head and trainer in her mid-twenties. She spent three years with her husband in Macao, where she studied psychology and had her first child. In the beautiful Rhineland she completed a distance learning course to become a psychological life coach. After their second child was born in Bad Honnef, the family moved further afield. Oman was the next destination. Here, among other things, she led the German playgroup and made it easier for new families to arrive in the country. Sonja helped families settle in and she also worked as a teacher at the hotel management school.

Sonja had her third child in Oman and her new home became the Lower Rhine.

She then took a detour into a management position with responsibility for 50 employees in nursing. Furthermore, further training was added; as a supervisor and team developer, Sonja is now a freelancer in companies and works with managers and gives personality-strengthening workshops.

To discover potential and thereby enable development so that new things come into the world.Bettina Ehmer

Bettina lives in Dortmund and is married with three adult children. The family time challenged Bettina at times and helped her to focus on what was really important and to train her resilience. This is quite helpful in personal crises and to feel the ground under your feet again.

As a team developer, coach and resilience trainer, she has been supporting teams and individuals for many years in reacting flexibly and agilely to changes and developing their potential. As a hypnosystemic coach, Bettina specializes in enabling new perspectives that allow new skills to grow from an experienced deficit.

Get creative with natural materials.Jessica Färberkind

“At the core of my artistic work, I strive for transformation and limitlessness in order to explore spheres that do not yet have a name.”

Jessica Färberkind is a visual artist (Master of Arts). She works with self-made plant dyes, digital media and poetry. As part of the RCE Ruhr, she conducts art-scientific research and is a member of the steering group of the UNESCO sevengardens project. She is a university lecturer and gives workshops in the field of education for sustainable development (ESD). Her studio is located at Hof Emschermündung in Dinslaken.

Time for my MELucia Niederleitner

After many years of management work in business, Lucia works as a psychosocial consultant. A serious personal stroke of fate, the accidental death of her 16-year-old son in May 2018, prompted her to undertake extensive training and further education and she is now a transaction analysis consultant, certified crisis and trauma consultant and qualified. Resilience trainer. She is active as a volunteer in crisis counseling and is the leader of “Leuchtpunkt”, a self-help group for orphaned parents. In her work, she draws on her extensive experience and acquired knowledge and finds supporting people in crises very fulfilling and meaningful.

Lucia Niederleitner is married and lives in Natternbach in Upper Austria, not far from the German border. She is a mindful nature lover, avid reader and photographer and enjoys combining these passions with trips to ancient cities and the sea. Conscious enjoyment with all the senses is particularly important to her.

Sustainability is at the heart, in a holistic sense.Dr. Judith C. Enders

Judith is an integrative individual and family therapist, systemic mediator, coach and group analyst. She also works with great passion as a group analytical supervisor. After studying political science at the Free University of Berlin in the 1990s, she worked in science and politics for many years, including at the Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Government on Global Environmental Change (WBGU), Rutgers University, State University of New Jersey, and the University of Erfurt and the Alice Salomon University Berlin. After returning from a research stay in New York in 2007, she completed her doctorate on the subject of “Knowledge Networks and Climate Policy” at the University of Kassel. The topic of sustainability is close to her heart, in a holistic sense. This means thinking in an ecologically, socially and economically future- and justice-oriented way. The focus is on human development. So in 2017 she decided to integrate her scientific skills into the systemic and psychoanalytic subject area. Today she achieves this by combining scientific focuses on feminism and sustainability with life-oriented work as a consultant, coach and group analyst in the support of individuals, teams and groups.

How do I take action to achieve my goals?Marie-Therese Heep

After completing her bachelor's degree in tourism business administration and hotel management, Marie Therese Heep was able to gain experience in various hotels and different countries. The F&B area (food and beverage) was very present, so she worked in room service at the Ritz Carlton Barcelona before moving on to the Ritz Carlton Company in Portugal. There she worked through all F&B outlets from banquet management to breakfast supervision to restaurant management. In Germany, at the Kameha Grand in Bonn, she was manager of the lobby bar and later also the evening bar.

In 2012 she wanted to get more involved with the topic of coaching and training and began the FUTURE training to become a coach and trainer. Due to a change of location, she founded an in-house academy of the Soulkitchen Group for its employees in Salzburg in 2013 and ran it for several years.

The desire to be able to contribute to this understanding in several hotels and companies led her to become self-employed as a consultant, trainer and coach in 2017.

Inspiring people about leadership and service is very important to her.

Today she lives in Cologne with her husband and two children.

More at home in yourself.Antje Korte

Anja is a movement therapist, Pilates master teacher, author, therapist for structural fascia integration.

The main focus of Antje's work is the targeted activation of the deep stabilization muscles of our spine, the reactivation of physiologically correct movement patterns and thereby the correction of posture patterns and reduction of posture-related pain symptoms. The goal is to help everyone feel lighter in their bodies, have a more relaxed attitude to life and improve their quality of life.

@einfach__wunderbarAlexa Willems

A serious illness brought Alexa into contact with the logotherapy of Viktor E. Frankl, whose meaning-centered, psychotherapeutic approach fascinated her. She then completed training in logotherapy and existential analysis in Tübingen, Innsbruck and Vienna and, at the same time, received training in natural therapy, including a systemic-integrative approach. She has been working in her own mental health and psychotherapy practice since 2012. She accompanies her clients on external and internal hikes in and with nature. Her credo is: “A lot of things are easier in hiking boots.” In 2023, her book 'The Forest Shows You the Way', 7 questions that will lead you to the meaning in your life, was published in collaboration with bene Verlag. ARD, WDR and various newspapers reported on this. During the retreat week she reads from her book and gives us insights into her forest practice. Alexa works and lives with her family in Xanten on the Lower Rhine.

If you ask them, we are all creative beings.Diana Russky

Our creativity is a force within us that finds its special way into the light of day and has embraced Diana since she was a child.

Her book “Come on, let us live” emerged from this creative movement. The habitat of the book is the school and any place where we relate to ourselves and others. Because we can take space everywhere to experience our own freedom in thinking, feeling and acting and to treat ourselves and others with compassion.

»Zwischen den Zeilen passiert das Leben«Sarah Weber

»Zwischen den Zeilen passiert das Leben«

It is more than just a story about love and loss. "Life happens between the lines" is more than just a story about love and loss. It is a moving plea for the search for oneself, the courage to start anew and the realization that life often happens where we least expect it.

Sarah Weber was born in Moers in 1988. After studying German and Dutch studies, she moved back to Moers. She has been working as a journalist and blogger in the Lower Rhine since 2015. On her blog Niederrheinblond she writes about the beauties of her homeland, but also likes to delve into other regions with her readers. In addition to her homeland, her heart beats very much for the North Sea, especially for the island of Borkum.