Culinary EventsTannenhäuschen - Love goes through the stomach.

Let us take you on a culinary journey! You probably haven't gotten to know the "Tannenhäuschen taste experience" so intensively.

Our kitchen team, headed by chef Matthias Teuber, has planned a series of culinary events for you. Regional products, vital dishes and creative menus are the signature of our kitchen team, which are the focus of our culinary events. Experience enjoyable hours in our restaurant and reserve your connoisseur seat for an excellent culinary experience.

We look forward to wonderful events with you!

Chefs TableThe chef invites you.

Full of anticipation, we look forward to our "Chefs Table" series of events, which is particularly important to our head chef. What is unusual about the Chefs Table is the "intimate atmosphere" of a small group of participants at a large table, who spend the dinner together in family style. Matthias himself ensures a special show effect and carves the meat in front of his guests directly at the table.

Are you wondering what a "family style" is? With the family style, the menu is not served on individual plates. Instead, the table is laid out with plenty of large serving platters and plates - just as you know it from the "family table". The family style dinner creates a relaxed, convivial atmosphere overall.

The Chefs Table is accompanied by a wine tasting with a selection of wines that go perfectly with the menu.

Each Chefs Table is dedicated to a unique culinary theme. All information and the respective dates can be found in the following event overview.

Reserve a tableDon't miss out on the great pleasure.

Would you like to take part in one of the above events and get to know the culinary diversity of our kitchen? We would be happy to receive your table reservation by telephone on +49 (0)281 9669-979. Alternatively, you can leave us a reservation request via our contact form.